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Shaking it up on 4th of July Anime Convention Downtown Los Angeles

Earthquake felt at Anime Convention in LA

My excitement level was already at 5.0 on the Richter Scale on my way to the Anime Convention that I had planned over a year in advance with my friends. So many unexpected things can happen along the way to your destination. Who would have thought that the real excitement happened during the opening of the Anime Convention when a 6.4 Earthquake near Ridgecrest would have sent shock waves as far as the Convention Center in Los Angeles. As you can see from the Eyewitness News picture outside the event, the crowds were even more congregated because they had to wait to get inside, even though these people already had their badges and were ready to experience all the fun that Anime brings to the event. Everyone outside the Convention Center had to wait at least an hour longer to get inside. I’d have to say they were either being overly cautious with the lines of people all the way down the street, especially when aftershocks were happening, but I know exactly (XZAKLEE) what everyone was thinking: Get Inside, Cool Off and Have FUN. So much cellphone activity was in the air because everyone was doing the exact (XZAK) same thing by communicating with friends and family to let them know they were okay and ready to celebrate the 4th of July!!

ZAK in comic book

As the temperatures were rising outside (close to 95 degrees), all we wanted to do was: Get Inside, Cool Off and Take Pictures of all the Cosplay Characters that were gearing up to enjoy and express their favorite characters such as fan favorites like Pikachu and Monkey D. Luffy. My friends and I wanted to talk to a few people, especially the Ladies, and find out what motivated them to dress like the characters they were cosplaying as on that 1st day.

My friends finally convinced me to cosplay for the next big time event. After I attend the LA Comic Con this year, I will be attending the Star Wars Convention in Anaheim next year. I plan to cosplay as Darth Vader or even a Mandalorian.

What should I do with my backpack? Does Darth Vader carry a backpack? It could be cool if I come up with a “Cool Universal Backpack” that best suits Darth Vader. I always wondered what the cosplay characters do to carry their phones, wallets and any other basic necessities??? Can you help me figure that out? It could be a new character called “Cargo Carrier” or “Cargo Droid”, especially if it fits the Star Wars Universe. What exactly (XZAKLEE) do you think someone in the future will be using as a backpack to carry the basics or will everything one needs fit into a cellphone backpack?? I’m going to ponder this new concept and could use some outside ideas. Let’s hope that we will be on the same track and will have a “Meeting of the Minds” when it comes to a future backpack design. See you at the next comic convention!!


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