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Fight Your Issues With New Beginnings

Teens debating.

It is 2024.  As we think of new beginnings, we still carry over issues from last year.  DO NOT DELAY.  Write out the good ideas and the not-so-good ideas or issues.  Then, you will fight to release, revise, or vanquish those issues.  We all have issues we struggle with from time to time, ones that are no big deal and then ones that are major deals or can hinder our ability to function in a normal everyday way.  Here are some examples of issues that I believe are common for most modern people today.

Weight, or how we see ourselves visually.  People can see how we look and quickly judge if we are overweight or underweight, usually based on their own issues.  Then quickly say you’re fat as a giant hog or skinny as a stick.  Keep in mind that just because you see someone as heavy, that does not always mean that they are lazy, gluttonous, or just plain unhealthy.  The same thing can go for someone who is a bit skinnier than they should be cause that does not always mean they are anorexic; they prefer not eating a lot of food and watching their weight.  Remember that if you notice something is not right about your weight, then make sure you do something to either lose, gain, or maintain it.  Our society today is much more forgiving in both spheres, big or small, and not being so judgmental. 

Now, Speech or Speaking is considered one of the most common issues in today’s business and social worlds.  This is mainly when it comes to Public Speaking, saying what you mean, and not reading a script.  You think to yourself on how you are going to give a speech when talking to a variety of people in a big conference room and not even wanting to talk to all these people.  What Happens??  You start feeling butterflies in your stomach, you start sweating, feeling lightheaded, or worse, you pass out.  YIKES!  We all have those situations where we will speak in front of a local or global audience.  We must remember that we practice what we are going to say and how to say it.  We know we have a great speech, and we must fight those little gremlins that erode our confidence.  You will succeed in giving a memorable speech.  An old adage to bring a smile to your soul and improve your confidence is to imagine as you step up to the stage that everyone is in their underwear and looking forward to your well-prepared speech.

Finally, Age is another common issue with every new year.  If you are under 25, you still feel your youth and are invincible.  As you reach 35, then you may think you are over the hill.  This happens often to women because of societal norms of beauty.  They must realize now that 45 is the new 25, and women are always looking way more beautiful than ever because they manage their health and personality, which keeps them youthful.  On the other hand, men have ups and downs from youth, doing daring things and taking risks probably most of their lives, whether they are in their 20’s or 50’s.  That is a big gap, but I assure you that I have been around many men in the older generation, and they continue to take daring risks regardless of their overall health and are still willing to be the studs they once were.  I salute the young and the not-so-young men for their immense drive to stay young and active and never give up, fighting the good fight, so they have great stories to tell the younger men.  

In my humble opinion, it is best to work on your mind, get the old cobwebs out of your head, and release your inner strength to fight to stay young in body and soul.  There will always be difficult challenges that we will encounter.  Embrace your issues, good or bad, and power up your inner strength to overcome and persevere.  It will energize you.


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