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Quick Tips on Attending October 2019 Comic Con Los Angeles

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

LA Comic Con 2019

If having the time of your life at Comic Con is your goal, you should have a Meeting of the Minds and a plan of action. So here are a few quick tips I’ve learned along the way to make your Comic Con experience free of troubles and awesome.

  1. Tickets - Get your Tickets, Lanyards and Guide Books.

  2. Reserve your Hotel - (way in advance); get a confirmation from the Hotel just in case something goes awry.

  3. Cellphone - Take your cellphone fully charged and back up batteries (especially ones that keep their charge). Oh, don’t forget to put your phone in a protective case, in case, you accidentally drop it. Oops!! It is really the pits when you have all these cool pics and video clips and then you accidentally drop your phone and break the screen. UGH, I hate when that happened to me!!!

  4. Backpack - A backpack that passes inspection at the gate/door. Why??? Because they ALWAYS scan your belongings. You do not want to return something to your car or worse throw it away just to get back in the huge long lines that you’ve already waited in forever. Most people will grumble to save your place (believe me, it just makes it difficult for everyone). Even your friends don’t want to stand alone wondering when you will return because the line always ends up moving forward and then lose each other just to regroup at the beginning of the event (I bet this has happened to more than just me)! Right? Right!

  5. Extra foldable bag - An extra foldable bag (made out of parachute material) to carry your stuff with handles that can slide over your shoulders. Bring a few rubber bands to roll up pictures/posters you buy. If you have an extra rubber band, pass it on to someone who needs to roll up a poster. They will appreciate it. Gotta keep your hands free to get through the crowds.

  6. Money - Plenty of cash ($1, $5, $10 for taxis and tips); Credit Cards (that work)!$$!

  7. Clothing - If it is cold, wear a comfortable shirt/jacket for ease and Looking Good! Have plenty of pockets handy for collecting business cards. If it is hot, I think you know what to do. Most people wear comfortable tennis shoes. It really hurts when your toes get stepped on when the lines are moving quickly. You’ve got to protect your toes. So, step lively! If you wear a costume or do Cosplay, then you should check with Security, especially if you carry a saber or some sort of tool/weapon.

  8. Comic Con Website - If all else fails and you get confused, go to the Comic Con website and they will have a much more detailed list of instructions to make your time at the convention FUN.

Finally, be ready to have FUN, eat hearty and walk for miles within the complex. Take lots of pictures and make it a time of your life experience with your friends and new friends. As I always say, go for a Meeting of the Minds when you know exactly (XZAKLEE) what you want to do during the LA 2019 Comic Con. Hope to see you there!


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