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Finding Your Place

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Have you found your place in the world yet?  Do you think that something is missing in your life, but can’t seem to figure it out?  We tend to feel that way because we have difficulty knowing what we want to be now and what our purpose best suits our goals.  If you want to fit into your environment as it is today, but it keeps you from exploring the adventures that would excite your road to success, then you should look to redefine what it is you want to be and how to find your place to satisfy your goals.

In my opinion, if you are a creative individual, then possibly designing something that intrigues you can be the key to starting something new.  They say if you keep an idea book beside your bed, you can quickly write down whatever pops into your head.  It could be wild and crazy or simple and stoic.  All ideas are good.  They may even blend into each other as time goes by.  Again, it could take time to bring your ideas out into the open, depending on where you find your place.  

If you are more physically enabled, adventure may be the key to finding your place.  You may need to travel to different locations to absorb ideas that will help you find a purpose that leads to finding your place.  It could take a long time to reach your place on your adventures, as many stories have been told of those who have traveled for years before finally finding a place to settle that suits all of their needs.  

When the concept of XZAKLEE was first formed, my road of adventure was very limited.  Today, it is much more expansive and gives me the drive to travel many roads, even ones that I am a bit unsure of from time to time.  The people in my life have helped me to grow inwardly and on the outside in finding my place in the world.  I know that the road will be long and wide, and I look forward to the adventures that will give the more mundane tasks of daily life more of a purpose.  Technology can be a plus as we move into the future, as some people need to recognize our place or the road to getting to our place.  Everyone has their own special type of elixir that can be miraculous, magical, or mysterious.  What special elixir drives you on your journey of discovery that begins today?


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